About Leather Replacement Watch Straps

deBeer Watch Band's has a simple philosophy.  We are committed to providing our customers with great watchbands at great prices. This has been the basis of our continuing success for many years.  Our extensive collection of French made watchbands & Italian leather grain watch bands are a result of our unyielding effort to deliver to you a quality product with an unmatched selection. Each and every watchband from deBeer is guaranteed with a one year warranty against construction defects.  You'll find our watchbands at high-end retail stores across the country.  The fine detail and craftsmanship of our watchbands are the reason thousands of satisfied customers have chosen a deBeer watchband. We hope you will too!

For nearly 30 years deBeer Watchbands has manufactured the finest quality exotic leather replacement watch straps.  

We supply fine watch and jewelry stores across the United States and Canada with our high quality leather replacement watch bands.  Our hand made, European watch bands feature a manufacturing process that involves more than 60 separate stages, and is characterized by special processing details such as folded and stitched keepers, reinforced stitching behind the buckle, German made stainless steel buckles, and velvety soft nubuck lining. Nubuck leather is a water and perspiration resistant lining leather, tanned in a way that is kind to the skin and discreetly colored.

We are confident you will not find a larger selection of colors and sizes available on the internet.  We also offer very hard to find Open Ended watch bands for older vintage watches with fixed lugs.  We have a great selection of "quick release" watch straps to replace Michele , Invicta, and other brand watches that use the quick release feature.  Of course these bands may be used on any watch and is a great way to easily and quickly customize your watch.